Ruprechtskirche (St. Rupert’s Church)

St Rupert's Church or Ruprechtskirche in Vienna

Strolling through the tiny alleys of the oldest part of Vienna, you’ll find the beautiful Ruprechtskirche or St. Rupert’s Church, the oldest church in the city, founded around the 8th century.

The church was built and rebuilt many times since and today features elements mostly of Romanesque and Baroque architecture.

St. Rupert’s Church is dedicated to Saint Rupert of Salzburg, patron saint of the salt merchants of Vienna. The church is located in one of the oldest parts of the city, the section of the Roman Vindobona.

After the destruction of the Roman settlement, the core part of the city grew in the area near the church. It was the seat of the religious administration before that function was transferred to the Stephansdom in 1147.

Fun facts:

  • The oldest bells in Vienna are located in the church, dating from around 1280.
  • The oldest glass window panes (dating from approximately 1370) can be found in the church. They depict a crucified Christ and the Madonna with baby.
  • During the Middle Ages, the church was the seat of the Salt Office (Salzamt), which distributed salt to individual buyers and ensured its quality. The church overlooks the jetty of the salt merchants on the Danube channel.
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