Hundertwasserhaus and Hundertwasser Village

Hudertwasserhaus Vienna

The colorful Hundertwasserhaus is a unique residential building in Vienna designed in harmony with nature. Created by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, this expressionist landmark is one of the most popular modern attractions in Vienna.

What makes the Hundertwasser House so unique is that anyone who lives here has the right to decorate the façade around the windows entirely to their own taste. The building is also decorated with over 200 trees and shrubs. The alley leading to the house is also of irregular “organic” shape.

While the Hundertwasserhaus can only be seen  from outside, the Hundertwasser Village (right opposite the house) is open to visitors. The “village” was created out of a tire workshop in 1990-1991. The artist created his own shopping center here with a “village square”, a bar and numerous stores in the typical Hundertwasser style.

Website: Hundertwasser Village

 UBahn: U3 (Rochusgasse, Center Wien Mitte), U4 (Center Wien Mitte, Schwedenplatz), U1 (Praterstern Bf, Schwedenplatz), U2 (Praterstern Bf)

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